Elizabeth J. Harris [info icon]
Detachment and Compassion in Early Buddhism, by Elizabeth J. Harris (2005; 12pp./36KB) [PDF icon]
The development of these twin emotions plays a central role in Buddhist practice. But are they truly compatible? How can one feel genuine compassion toward others while simultaneously remaining detached and "aloof" from the world? Citing examples from the Pali canon and its commentaries, the author demonstrates how the two are, in fact, mutually supportive.
A Journey into Buddhism, by Elizabeth J. Harris (2005; 12pp./36KB)
Eight concise and articulate reflections on Buddhist life and practice that emerged from the author's own journey from Christianity into Buddhism. These short essays, which offer helpful insights for bridging the two faiths, were originally presented as BBC radio broadcasts.
Violence and Disruption in Society: A Study of the Early Buddhist Texts, by Elizabeth J. Harris (1994; 39pp./116KB)
This essay explores the roots of violence in human society, and reveals how the Buddhist teachings of non-violence are just as applicable today as they were in the Buddha's day.