I.B. Horner [info icon]
The Blessed One's City of Dhamma: From the Milindapañha, based on the translation by I.B. Horner (2006; 11pp./33KB) [PDF icon]
In this excerpt from the Milindapañha, Ven. Nagasena develops a magnificent series of similes to convince King Milinda that, even though the Buddha died long ago, his legacy lives on, unwavering.
Women in Early Buddhist Literature: A Talk to the All-Ceylon Buddhist Women's Association, by I.B. Horner (2006; 14pp./41KB) [PDF icon]
One of the 20th century's great Pali scholars explores the social and spiritual lives of women in India during the time of the Buddha. Drawing on numerous passages from the suttas, she argues that, despite their traditional domestic roles, women enjoyed considerable freedom, respect, and honor within their community. Moreover, the presence of the bhikkhuni sangha (Buddhist order of nuns) afforded women who were so inclined an unprecedented opportunity to pursue their spiritual goals to completion.