N.K.G. Mendis [info icon]
The Abhidhamma in Practice, by N.K.G. Mendis (2006; 40pp./120KB)
This small book offers a concise introduction to Abhidhamma philosophy. The author introduces all the major concepts of Abhidhamma (the cittas and cetasikas, rupa, the 24 modes of conditionality, etc.), interspersing the abstract technical details with helpful discussions and sutta excerpts that keep the presentation firmly grounded on a practical level.
On the No-self Characteristic: The Anatta-lakkhana Sutta, translated, with an introduction by N.K.G. Mendis (2007; 9pp./26KB)
A helpful overview and introduction to the Buddha's second discourse, in which the Buddha first expounds the pivotal idea of not-self (anatta). This sutta also illustrates the Buddha's consummate skill as teacher: by the end of the discourse, all those in the audience become arahants.