Old News Archive
March-April 2000

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  • [1 April 2000] Handful of Leaves CD-ROM almost out of print
    • I expect to mail out my last copies of the Handful of Leaves CD-ROM towards the end of this month. Despite the continuing demand for the CD (in the past 15 months I have distributed some 4,000 copies to addresses in over 40 countries around the world), at present I have no plans to reprint it. I would therefore like to remind everyone that the CD may be freely copied and redistributed (provided, of course, that it is given away free of charge). Please help yourself!
  • [13 March 2000] Access to Insight celebrates five years on the Web!
    • March 2000 marks the beginning of Access to Insight's sixth year on the web. In the past five years it has grown from a meager "library" of three suttas, to a significant archive of well over 700 suttas, plus hundreds of books and articles. To read all these extraordinary texts and help make them so easily and widely available has been, for me, a deeply rewarding adventure.

      But the time has come for a vacation. For the next few months I won't be making any significant new additions to the site. I will, however, continue to make corrections as they are brought to my attention and will continue mailing copies of the Handful of Leaves CD (while supplies last). I hope the dearth of news in this "What's New" page won't discourage you from exploring the website and reading from the rich collection already available here. There are some real gems here; I invite you to dig for them.

      If you're an old-time Access to Insight visitor in search of something new, you might enjoy looking once again at the "Beginnings" page. A little "beginner's mind" can go a long way.