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April 2001

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  • [24 April 2001] From the Anguttara Nikaya:
    • Sangarava Sutta (AN 3.60) — To Sangarava. The Buddha answers the accusation that the spiritual path he teaches is a selfish one.

      Note: The Tittha Sutta (AN 3.62) was previously misidentified as AN 3.61. While making this correction, errors were also discovered in the numbering of several other suttas, which have now been corrected: the old AN 3.51 is now AN 3.52; the old AN 3.52 is now AN 3.53; and the old AN 3.70 is now AN 3.71. My apologies for the confusion. (jtb 020514: I reverted to the original numberings, to conform to the PTS's numbering system.)

  • [22 April 2001] The Weight of Mountains (essay by Thanissaro Bhikkhu).
    Why do we keep creating suffering for ourselves? How do we bring it to an end? The key is to learn some better feeding habits for the mind.
  • [19 April 2001] From the Anguttara Nikaya:
  • [7 April 2001] From the Anguttara Nikaya: