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July-September 2004

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  • [29 Sep 2004] From the Anguttara Nikaya (Fives)
  • [28 Sep 2004] New Study Guide
    • Stream-entry, Part 2: Stream-entry and After (Thanissaro Bhikkhu, ed.). This annotated study guide includes selections from the Canon that explore stream-entry from several angles: How is stream-entry experienced? What transformations of mind and character occur as a result? What are its rewards? Once it is attained, what next? Also included is some helpful advice to meditators who have been "certified" as stream-winners within their particular Buddhist tradition.

      Note: The previous stream-entry study guide has a new title: Stream-entry, Part 1: The Way to Stream-entry.

      Replaced with "Into the Stream".

  • [20 Sep 2004] Revamped "A Guide to Learning the Pali Language"
    • I have expanded A Guide to Learning the Pali Language to include a comparative evaluation of the most popular methods used to display Pali diacritics. I've also added a section on Unicode and Unicode fonts.
      >> Attention Pali students: This Guide is a work-in-progress. I would gratefully appreciate any suggestions and corrections you may have — especially about the sections concerning Pali diacritics and fonts.
  • [7 Sep 2004] A talk by Ajaan Lee
    • The Power of Goodness, by Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (2004; 19k/6pp.) Dhamma practice is all about cultivating one's inner goodness. In this handful of memorable stories, Ajaan Lee reminds us to seize every available opportunity to develop that inner wealth. Although we may not see the results right away, we should never underestimate its far-reaching benefits!
  • [5 Sep 2004] From the Anguttara and Khuddaka Nikayas
    • Mula Sutta (AN 10.58) — Rooted {A v 106} [Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.]. What is the root of all phenomena (sabbe dhamma)? Is Nibbana itself a phenomenon, or is it the end of all phenomena?
    • Milindapañha ("The Questions of King Milinda"): Translator John Kelly has added eight more Questions to his anthology of translated passages from the Milindapañha. This anthology includes some of Ven. Nagasena's famously crystal-clear similes that illustrate key points of Dhamma. See, for example, his explanations of the nature of rebirth (Miln 3.5.5, Miln 3.5.7) and the difference between the jhanic factors of applied thought (vitakka; Miln 2.3.13) and sustained thought (vicara; Miln 2.3.14).
  • [28 Aug 2004] From the Anguttara Nikaya (Eights)
  • [27 Aug 2004] From the Anguttara Nikaya (Eights)
    • Khalunga Sutta (AN 8.14) — Unruly {A iv 190} [Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.]. Eight unskillful ways of reacting to an accusation, compared to the eight habits of unruly, untamable horses.
  • [9 Aug 2004] CD-ROM update
    • A free CD-ROM edition of the Access to Insight website is officially in the works. I'm aiming for a release date in Spring 2005. One of the technological hurdles still to be overcome is the development of a search engine that would allow users of Windows, Macintosh, and Unix-based computers to search the contents of the CD quickly and easily. One of Access to Insight's regular visitors, a software developer, has generously initiated a SourceForge project to develop the software that will do just this. If you are a software developer or tinkerer and you'd like to contribute your ideas and expertise to this project, or if you'd just like to take the beta version of this search engine out for a spin, just point your web browser to sourceforge.net for details.

      Stay tuned to this "What's New" page in the coming months for more details about the CD. In the meantime, please do not send me any requests for the CD just yet. I'll let you know when I'm ready to handle them. Thanks for your patience!