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October-December 2013

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Access to Insight retires 2013.12.13

Dear Access to Insight readers,

I’ve been touched by the many good wishes I’ve received from you in the last few months since I announced my retirement from Access to Insight. It has been a joy and an honor to share this work with such a supportive, attentive, earnest, and grateful audience of readers and practitioners. Thank you all.

To all of you who have contributed in so many ways over the years to making Access to Insight what it is today, I extend my heartfelt thanks. And I offer a special ­bow of appreciation to those of you who have been quietly reading these pages, putting the Buddha’s teachings into practice, and discovering for yourselves the truths toward which they point.

Although I am retiring, Access to Insight will remain in its present state at www.accesstoinsight.org into the foreseeable future. If you are a webmaster, web designer, web developer, or software developer and you are interested in advancing the use of technology in studying the Dhamma, I invite you to read "A Parting Note to ATI Techies".

I send you all my best wishes for the greatest success in all your wholesome endeavors.

— jtb

"Random article" feature 2013.11.19

Clearly, Access to Insight's readers enjoy a little randomness in their lives! By popular request, the "Random Article" link is back. It, too, will be included in the Legacy Edition and is now available in the offline edition. Enjoy!

"Random sutta" feature 2013.11.11

By popular request, the "Random Sutta" link is here to stay and will be included in the forthcoming Legacy Edition. In fact, it is already available in the offline edition. Enjoy!

Changes coming to Access to Insight 2013.10.11

After 20 years of operating and maintaining Access to Insight, the time has come for me to retire from its day-to-day operations so that I can devote my attention to other projects. Over the remaining months of 2013, I'll be working on streamlining the website so that it can stand on its own, unattended, for long periods of time.

Here's what's changing:

  • I am no longer adding new content to the website.
  • The "Offsite Resources" section (links to external websites), which demand considerable ongoing maintenance to keep up-to-date, will disappear by the end of 2013.
  • Some of the dynamic features of the site (e.g., the "Random Sutta" and "Random Article" links) will also disappear.
  • The downloadable "Offline Edition" will be an identical copy of the live site; both will be known as the "Access to Insight Legacy Edition".

What's not changing:

  • Access to Insight will continue to offer the same extensive and deep collection of carefully indexed, annotated, and cross-referenced sutta translations, articles, essays, books, Dhamma talks, and study guides.
  • You can always download the entire website for use on your own personal computer or to repost elsewhere on the web.
  • I will continue to maintain control of the accesstoinsight.org domain name.

As Access to Insight now enters a new chapter in its long career, I hope you will continue to find it rewarding and helpful in advancing your understanding of Dhamma for a long time to come.