Old News Archive
June 1997

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  • [27 June 97] Sutta added and indexed:
    • To Kevatta (Kevatta Sutta, DN 11). On the role of miracles and conversations with heavenly beings as a possible basis for faith and belief.
  • [23 June 97] Link Added:
    • Buddhasasana (A Buddhist Home Page by Binh Anson) has a nice collection of articles and translations from Theravada Buddhism.
  • [22 June 97] New books from BPS: Link added:
  • [17 June 97] Sutta added and indexed:
    • The Fruits of the Contemplative Life (Samaññaphala Sutta, DN 2). King Ajatasattu asks the Buddha, "What are the fruits of the contemplative life, visible in the here and now?" The Buddha replies by painting a comprehensive portrait of the Buddhist path of training, illustrating each stage of the training with vivid similes.
  • [15 June 97] A talk by Thanissaro Bhikkhu:
  • [14 June 97] Suttas added and indexed:
    • To Ananda (Ananda Sutta, SN 44.10). Why the Buddha does not take a position on the question of whether there is or is not a self.
    • The Bonds of Friendship (Sangaha Sutta, AN 4.32). The qualities that help hold a family — or any community — together.
    • On What is Heard (Suta Sutta, AN 4.183). Why the principle of truthfulness does not imply total frankness or openness.
    • On Families (Kula Sutta, AN 4.255). How a family either loses or preserves its wealth.
  • [9 June 97] New "Bodhi Leaf" booklets from the BPS:
  • [8 June 97]
    • Twenty additional suttas from the Itivuttaka have been added and indexed.
    • Here's a new Index of Similes, still heavily under construction, to help you discover new routes into the Pali canon.