Old News Archive
October 1998

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  • [30 October 1998]
    An anthology of all of Thanissaro Bhikkhu's sutta translations is now also available in Microsoft Word 6.0 (Macintosh/Windows) format. See the Theravada Text Archives page for more information.
  • [27 October 1998]
    The 1999 calendar of uposatha observance days is here.

    From the Anguttara Nikaya:

  • [22 October 1998] A Handful of Leaves making progress... Last call for bug reports!
    The last pre-release version A Handful of Leaves CD-ROM is now on its way to the beta-testers. The scheduled release date for the final version (1 December 1998) is still looking good. If you discover any errors of any sort in the pages of Access to Insight, or if you have any last-minute suggestions, now's your chance! Please report them to me by 1 November, so that I can incorporate the corrections into the CD.

    Unfortunately, this version of A Handful of Leaves will not be fully compatible with DOS and Windows 3.x (for more details see the Note about DOS/Win 3.x compatibility .) It should, however, be fully compatible with Mac OS computers and with later Windows computers (Win 95, 98, NT, etc.)

  • [18 October 1998] A few changes...
    I've changed the appearance of the home page slightly. I've also added a "Beginnings" page to help visitors get oriented.
  • [15 October 1998] Some files are leaving Access to Insight...
    Over the past couple of months I've removed a few files from Access to Insight's "Theravada Text Archives." These discontinued titles will be available until the end of the year from Access to Insight's ftp site. Please help yourself to any of these files before they disappear from here.
  • [13 October 1998] From the Anguttara Nikaya:
  • [10 October 1998] The Buddhist Monastic Code is now readable online.
    • This book provides a thorough rule-by-rule introduction to, and analysis of, the 227 Patimokkha training rules that are observed by Theravada bhikkhus (monks).
  • [2 October 1998] Refuge: An Introduction to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha is now readable online.
    • This is an excellent introduction to the Buddha's teachings. Highly recommended for newcomers and old-timers, alike.
  • [1 October 1998]
    A lovely poem from the Theragatha...
    • Maha Kassapa (Thag 18). In this poem — one of the first examples of "wilderness poetry" — an arahant monk celebrates the joys of practicing jhana in the solitude of the forest.

    ...and an appeal for your help.

    • This month I'll be making the final revisions to the website before it's cast into the Handful of Leaves CD-ROM. If you spot any errors of any sort as you browse through the website (inaccuracies, faulty grammar, misplaced commas, typos, bad links, etc.) please let me know. And many, many thanks to those of you who have been sending me your corrections over these past months. Your help has been — and continues to be — vital to the success of this project.