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November-December 1999

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  • [13 December 1999]: The Handful of Leaves CD has been delayed
    • Due to a manufacturing problem, the CD release will be delayed by about a week. In order to avoid the annual crush of mail during the Christmas and New Year's holidays, I therefore plan to wait until January 3 to mail out the CDs. My sincere apologies for this delay!
  • [17 November 1999]: Handful of Leaves CD is on schedule
    • The new edition of the Handful of Leaves CD-ROM is currently at the printer, and should be ready for mailing in early December — right on schedule.
  • [7 November 1999]: From the Sutta Nipata
    • Dhaniya Sutta (Sn 1.2) — Dhaniya the Cattleman. A poetic dialogue contrasting the wealth and security of lay life with the wealth and security of a person who has lived the renunciate life to its culmination. If you have trouble relating to someone like Dhaniya who measures his wealth in cattle, then when reading this poem substitute stocks and bonds for cows and bulls; and economic downturn for rain.
  • [2 November 1999]: Two short suttas from the Samyutta Nikaya
  • [1 November 1999]: Last call for corrections!
    • The Handful of Leaves CD-ROM will be going to the printer next week. If you've found any errors (typos, bad links, etc.) anywhere on this website that you'd like me to fix for the CD, please let me know as soon as possible. Many, many thanks to those of you who have already sent in your corrections!