List of Renumbered Suttas
to Match the PTS (May 2002)

The sutta translations on this website were provided by several translators, not all of whom used the same edition of the Tipitaka as their Pali source. Some editions enumerate the suttas slightly differently, which can often lead to confusion (for example, the Kalama Sutta is AN 3.65 in the Pali Text Society edition, but AN 3.66 in the Thai). In May 2002 I decided to adopt the PTS as the common reference point for sutta numbers; henceforth all suttas from the Anguttara Nikaya on Access to Insight will be numbered following the PTS system. To implement this change I renumbered approximately thirty suttas, as summarized in the table below.

Sutta name Old number
(from Thai Tipitaka)
New number
(from PTS)
PTS volume
& page
Vijja-bhagiya &
II.29 &
II.30 (merged into one sutta) A i 61
Nidana III.34 III.33 A i 120
Hatthaka III.35 III.34 A i 136
Sukhamala III.39 III.38 A i 145
Dvejana (1) III.52 III.51 A i 155
Dvejana (2) III.53 III.52 A i 156
Vaccha III.58 III.57 A i 160
Sangharaja III.61 III.60 A i 168
Tittha III.62 III.61 A i 173
Kalama III.66 III.65 A i 193
Muluposatha III.71 III.70 A i 205
Channa III.72 III.71 A i 215
Ajivaka III.73 III.72 A i 217
Sakka III.74 III.73 A i 217
Silabbata III.79 III.78 A i 225
Gadrabha III.83 III.81(ii) A i 229
Sikkha (1) III.90 III.88 A i 235
Sikkha (2) III.91 III.89 A i 235
Accayika III.93 III.91 A i 239
Ajaniya III.97 III.94 A i 244
Lonaphala III.101 III.99 A i 249
Pansadhovaka III.102 III.100(i-x) A i 253
Nimitta III.103 III.100(xi-xv) A i 255
Kuta III.110 III.105 A i 261
Moneyya III.123 III.120 A i 273
Gotamaka-cetiya III.126 III.123 A i 276
Katuviya III.129 III.126 A i 279
Lekha III.133 III.130 A i 283
Dhamma-niyama III.137 III.134 A i 286
Ariyamagga IV.237 IV.235 A ii 237