Sn 5.15
Mogharaja-manava-puccha: Mogharaja's Question
translated from the Pali by
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Alternate translation: Ireland

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Twice now, O Sakyan, I've asked you, but you, O One with Eyes, haven't answered me. "When asked the third time, the divine seer answers": so I have heard. This world, the next world, the Brahma world with its devas: I don't know how they're viewed by the glorious Gotama. So to the one who has seen to the far extreme, I've come with a question: One who regards the world in what way isn't seen by Death's King?

[The Buddha:]

Always mindful, Mogharaja, regard the world as empty, having removed any view in terms of self. This way one is above and beyond death. One who regards the world in this way isn't seen by Death's King.


On viewing the world as void, see S.XXXV.85.