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January-March 2007

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Buddhism in Sri Lanka: A Short History, by H.R. Perera (Buddhist Publication Society Wheel Publication No. 100 a/b/c; 1988; 169k/45pp.)
A sketch of the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, from its introduction to the island in 250 BCE until the 1980's.
On the No-self Characteristic: The Anatta-lakkhana Sutta, by N.K.G. Mendis (Buddhist Publication Society Wheel Publication No. 268; 1979; 31k/9pp.)
A helpful overview and introduction to the Buddha's second discourse, in which the Buddha first expounds the pivotal idea of not-self (anatta). This sutta also illustrates the Buddha's consummate skill as teacher: by the end of the discourse, all those in the audience become arahants.
Samyutta Nikaya: An Anthology (Part II) by Bhikkhu Ñanananda (Buddhist Publication Society Wheel Publication No. 183-185; 1983; 218k/61pp.)
An anthology of 27 important suttas from the Samyutta Nikaya, accompanied by detailed annotation and commentary. This is the second in the Buddhist Publication Society's three-part series of Samyutta anthologies published as Wheels.